The Latest Social Media Revolution Video

By Erik Qualman – author of Socialnomics

“Each day, 20% of Google searches have never been searched before.” That is quite something.

1 in 5 divorces are blamed on Facebook as well.

Keeps you thinking!


<3 HealthBoxSA

A couple of weeks ago I saw some buzz around the launch of the local initiative HealthBoxSA, spearheaded by Lisa Raleigh, and Emma King (creator of The launch happened at Melrose Arch, and from there, give aways weren’t far behind.  I spotted one on and responded, and lo and behold, I’m a winna! The idea behind these boxes is that you pay a set amount per month and you receive a box stacked to the brim of samples and goodies to be tasted and tested, before you go out and spend money on the real thing.

The box is so jam-packed packed with awesomeness that you won’t know where to start. As per, ‘Designed by International Contemporary Artist, Bron Stofberg, the Health Box is an environmentally-friendly product beautifully packaged with the slogan “Love to know and learn to grow“.’ The design is stunning (I’m thinking of framing it and putting it up in my kitchen) and the contents have already found their way into every area of my home – they include healthy food products, fitness equipment, vouchers of epicness and beauty products.

There’s a lot of stuff in there! I was amazed so I took a picture of everything in the box. Check out the list pic by pic, below.

Tried this out last night – very nice!

Nice and light, sinks in quickly, doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or heavy, but not dry either.

keen to try this out as I eat waaay too much salt!

Got one of these in a Rubybox a couple of months ago – it’s lovely. Has a minty smell and leaves skin feeling soft and clean.

I went digging in this little package of delight last night and discovered crunchies, ginger biscuits, and peanut butter biscuits. Done.

My mum’s already tried to nick this to use on her hands with which she battles with dryness.

Took me a while to figure it out, too. It’s a resistance band, all rolled up into a handy little tube. Just what I needed as I missed getting one at our work Discovery assessment!

All in all I think it was a pretty darn good haul!

Find out more about the launch and prices here.

Charlie Higson does Bond in 140 characters or less

Charlie Higson is the author of a series called Young Bond. This is not something I know much about so here’s the Wikipedia definition: Young Bond is a series of five young adult spy novels by Charlie Higson featuring Ian Fleming’s secret agent James Bond as a young teenage boy attending school at Eton College in the 1930s. 

50 years ago this month saw the debut of the first Bond novel by Ian Fleming. Today, Charlie Higson took to Twitter to tweet each of the Bond novels in 140 characters or less. If you’re a fan and know the story lines, you’re bound to enjoy this. If not, some of them are pretty funny anyway.

So there they all are. I think it’s such a cool initiative! You?

Sometimes I wonder

Some silly person (JessicaLeandraformer FHM model) has been making racist remarks on Twitter since, well, probably since the dawn of Twitter in SA.
Last night her comments reached a pinnacle with a revolting racist remark, and this morning the whole saga exploded the Twittersphere.

Naturally everyone has had something to say about this online, and while I could paste a million different horrified responses, what really concerns me though, is the number of followers she has gained during the course of the morning.

In spite of an initial drop off, she seems to have gained a couple of hundred followers this morning.

Seriously people?

update Sat 1.40pm


It really concerns me

The #SleekGeekChallenge

The Sleek Geek Chllenge came about after a random Twitter conversation in which @elanlohmann asked @jonathanab for suggestions on how to get a six pack in 6 weeks, at which @idale, @el_burro and myself all chimed in that we were keen to do the same. It started as a bit of a passing comment and from there has evolved into a 6 week challenge in which we are all going up against each other, with a R500 entrance fee, and the winner at the end wins the whole pot.
There is a Facebook event page up and running with all the details of what is required for entry, as well as the rules and regulations – find it here.

As far as I’m concerned the R500 entry fee is a good motivation to try and stick to it and the winnings at the end should be even further motivation. And if worst comes to absolute worst, if you don’t win the money at the end of the day, at least you should have made some progress with the bo-day!

All are welcome and anyone can join – in fact the more people who get involved the greater the pot will be for the winner. If you’re worried about the handing over of money – check out @elanlohmann on twitter I think he’s pretty legit ;) (2 legit to quit). All you have to do is email your measurements to Jonathan before 5pm today and get the money to Elan during the course of this week (you just need to ask him for his banking details and make a deposit).

I’m in! And I intend to win ;) So I’m planning to update my blog with progress coz hopefully the accountability will also motivate me get my ass into gear. Fingers crossed anyway!

Here’s to being the sleekest geeks around :)

Twitter as a Search Engine

I found this infographic yesterday but can’t for the life of me remember where now – so apologies if I haven’t credited you. (I have a feeling it was probably on Mashable but can’t be sure.)

Anyhoo, it’s all about the fact that people are using Twitter more and more as a form of search engine. Asking their followers questions and getting back responses that are validated by these people. While they may not be entirely correct everytime, the fact that you might get an answer from more than one person and that they may all be similar, in turn validates the responses. People with more followers are more likely to get responses, and to be satisfied with those responses.
Have a look below are the way people are asking questions on Twitter, and how/if they are getting satisfactory responses.


Aaah me, the wonders of technology

On Friday afternoon I got off work a couple of hours early in order to get home and finish packing for my Durban long-weekend (and to catch the Royal kiss but that’s beside the point). Having managed to get myself organised without a major panic, finish packing and do everything that needed to be done in time to leave home by 3, to check-in at the airport by 3.45, I was surprised how smoothly everything seemed to be going.

Naturally, this was all too good to be true. My dad kindly drove me to the airport and on the way we got involved in a chat regarding all sorts of new technology. He’s recently started reading TechCentral and now fancies himself quite “clued” for an old guy. This means that at every possible opportunity, he throws in a comment, a knowledgable and relevant one at that, about anything technological that he has recently learnt about.

So, interesting convo in progress, I put my beloved phone under my leg on the seat (partly in order to avoid encouraging a smash and grab situation by leaving it on my lap, and partly to stop from being distracted by the wonders of Twitter via Echofon).

Getting out of the car at the airport, I grabbed my handbag, and went to the boot to get my suitcase and hand luggage bag, kissed me dad goodbye and missioned off into the airport.
At the check-in counter, I went digging in my handbag, in which my phone is ever-elusive, as is I’m sure the case for lots of gals. Not locating the phone in the first round of scrabbling, my heart dropped ever so slightly. Thinking I must have missed it I continued the scrabble post-check-in with bag on floor in middle of airport, chucking out wallet, charger cable, camera, and any number of other random crap that lives in the deep dark depths of said bag.

No phone. No beloved iPhone that keeps me in touch with Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and on Whatsapp, and in touch with friends whose numbers I do not remember off-hand. No way to get hold of brother who I am going to see in Durbs. No phone with the sms of the address of the complex I need to tell the taxi to take me to when I arrive.

So I bolted downstairs to the payphones – yes, they still make those – threw in one of the two R5 coins scrounged from the bottom of bottomless-pit-handbag, only to have it fly straight through and drop out the bottom. At this point I was already trying to dial. Put the coin in again. Still no go. Apparently the pay phone does not accept “new” R5 coins. Or this one didn’t anyway. Went to try the phone on the other side – card phone. Panic – need to get hold of dad before he gets too far to bring it back to me. How will I get hold of anyone all weekend? How will I survive?

Run to the hotdog stall to try and get change for the only R20 note in my purse. He gives me new R5 coins. Give it back and ask him for R2 coins. Run back to the phone. Get the coins in, manage to dial half the number before it spits them back out at me. Try again, dial a different number – still no go. It’s now 4.05pm. My boarding gate closes at 4.15pm and I figure even if I get hold of dad he won’t have time to get back to me before I fly so I give up. Go back upstairs. Hold frustration at bay. Go through the security check. Try one last pay phone to try and find out address of accommodation for the weekend. Which was in an sms on my phone. Manage to get the coins to go through. Manage to dial the number. No ringing tone coming through. And yet the payphone is taking my money. Hang up and try one more time. Same story.(No wonder people have cell phones.)

4.15pm. I’m going to be late to board. Mission back to gate D1. Look at my ticket and realise I’m meant to be at gate D8. Mission back across to the other end of the domestic boarding gates. Just past the bank of payphones I was just standing at. Stand in the queue. Listen to the announcements.

4.30pm. This an announcement for the Kulula/BA flight blablabla – we have been delayed due to a late inbound wakawaka… New departure time is now 5.30pm.

As much as this annoys me, it means I still have time to try and figure out where I’m going at the other end, and try and let my brother know that I’m going to be late and won’t be able to get hold of him.

Sit myself down on the airport floor. Take out my netbook (thank goodness I threw it into my hand luggage at the last minute). Wifi hotspot – score! Purchase airtime – no score. Grab my 3G and plug in. Thank goodness for my 3G. (Which I won in a competition with Gadget at the beginning of the year). Tweet desperate “delayed and have no phone” tweet. More than one friendly response of – who do you need us to get hold of – thanks millions to Frankie and Tam.

Tam phoned my mum. Mum gave her the address of the flat where I was to be staying. Tam tweeted me the address. Tam told mum about delayed flight. Mum phoned brother and explained situation. Brother said he’d wait outside flat and lookout for me at about the time I should hopefully be getting there.

Thank heavens for technology. Maybe a little sad to know how much I depend on it but in these sorts of situations it really does make life so much easier. A quick phone call would have saved me so much admin. But netbooks and 3G rocked my world this weekend.

Moral of the story – all the technology in the world can’t help you if you leave it on the front seat of your dad’s car.