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I can’t believe I’ve only just seen this trailer! Movie opens this Friday overseas. Looks hilarious.

It’s directed by Akiva Schaffer of Saturday Night Live and The Lonely Island fame.

Not sure about the synopsis but it still looks great:

From IMDB – “Four everyday suburban guys come together as an excuse to escape their humdrum lives one night a week. But when they accidentally discover that their town has become overrun with aliens posing as ordinary suburbanites, they have no choice but to save their neighborhood – and the world – from total extermination. Written by 20th Century Fox


Glee – A 3D Perspective

While I loathe the term “Gleek” (A “gleek” is the term that refers to a fan of Glee, the plural form being “gleeks”.  The word “gleek” derives from the words “glee” and “geek” (glee + geek = gleek), I do love Glee. I can’t help but smile in every episode and most of them touch on some socially sensitive topic (such homophobia or the general nastiness of the ‘popular kids’ in high school, a la Mean Girls) and inevitably i shed a tear (read: ball my eyes out) every couple of episodes.

On Tuesday, Women’s Day here in South Africa, I was given the opportunity to see a special Vuzu TV screening of the Glee 3D Concert Movie. Eyes were rolled and eyebrows raised but I was keen to check it out, especially after reading the synopsis of the movie – “A concert documentary shot during the Glee Live In Concert! summer 2011 tour”. Not much I know, but considering it’s the music I like best about Glee, the fact that the movie was concert footage of these unbelievably talented kids rather than a movie based on the story line of the series, I was even more keen to see it.

The idea behind the creation of the movie was that fans who couldn’t get tickets to see the Concert Tour or who lived in areas the tour didn’t visit would still have an opportunity to see the characters in action in an as-close-to-live-as-possible experience.

“Starring 14 members of the Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning television show’s cast and shot live during the summer concerts, the movie will capture the unique concert experience along with special moments involving the characters themselves.” – The Business Insider

The documentary-type approach to the movie also takes a look at the lives of several people in their teens and early twenties who have found inspiration and support through the topics that are explored in the series (including homophobia, being different, and bullying due to not being part of the ‘in-crowd’ in high school to mention just a few). In between the performances are interviews with these people who discuss their experiences at school and how Glee has made a difference to their lives, as well as interviews with people waiting to go into the various concerts.

The movie includes Glee stars Lea Michele (Rachel), Cory Monteith (Finn), Amber Riley (Mercedes), Chris Colfer (Kurt), Kevin McHale (Artie), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina), Mark Salling (Puck), Dianna Agron (Quinn), Naya Rivera (Santana), Heather Morris (Brittany), Harry Shum Jr. (Mike), Chord Overstreet (Sam), Darren Criss (Blaine), Ashley Fink (Lauren) as well as “The Warblers”.

The highlight of the movie for me was seeing ‘Brittany S. Pierce’ (Heather Morris) perform a Britney Spears song as this was where the level of talent reached its peak for me.

The trailer for the movie is below:

The movie is a real feel-good with the usual exceptional level of talent. If you love Glee, or can appreciate the music it’s well worth the watch, however it was a little short (which might mean you’ll be able to ‘encourage’ a boyfriend to tag along). I walked out of the theatre grinning, and singing (not in tune), to some bemused looks, but it made my day. :)

For more on Glee, you can check out the Glee Wiki here


And for an interview with the cast of the movie check out the Business Insider here


Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows Trailer

How did I not know there was a Sherlock Holmes 2, with the dah-licious Robert Downey Jr, on it’s way? Missed that one, but here is the trailer –

you get by with a little help from your friends…

so it’s been a little while now on the job hunt and the lack of positive feedback (or really any feedback at all for the most part) but that’s not the point i’m here to make tonight.

On Tuesday nights some of my closest friends have a standing tradition where they run the 5km time trial at Old Parks and then pop just up the road to one of their houses and have a couple of bottles of wine, lovely yummy, dinner, followed, inevitably, by a box/slab/couple of slabs/all of the above, of chocolate (hereby undoing pretty much any positive effects the run may have had on the bod anyway, but still). Since moving back to Joburg, I have been invited to join in this little tradition. Last night was only the second time i joined them but it made me realise that without that little bit of exercise and silly random interaction with the important people in my life (other than my folks who i see much more regularly) I would be a lot more snappy and much less encouraged at this point down the road of unemployment. With a touch of humour (and a dash of wine) everything looks much less distressing and disgruntling. Their continued, unwavering confidence in the fact that “something absolutely perfect is waiting just around the corner” is good to hear, and if they keep on saying it I might actually even start to believe it myself…

And it’s not only the running and dinner friends that make everything that little bit better. Another of my closest friends is also currently unemployed and so we have made plans to go and see a movie tomorrow (this being her 3rd this week, and my second since Sunday, but that’s not the point). You have to know that when you can laugh with someone about working behind the movie counter serving people popcorn coz that, as a job, is starting to look promising, and that you can wear matching ster-kinekor outfits, that everything probably will be ok in the end. This is what I’m getting by on anyway so whatever you do don’t burst my bubble, k? Good!