Animals with a Sense of Humour

I’m sure lots of people have seen this before but it brightened up my morning.
Thank you BBC One – you guys rock!



you get by with a little help from your friends…

so it’s been a little while now on the job hunt and the lack of positive feedback (or really any feedback at all for the most part) but that’s not the point i’m here to make tonight.

On Tuesday nights some of my closest friends have a standing tradition where they run the 5km time trial at Old Parks and then pop just up the road to one of their houses and have a couple of bottles of wine, lovely yummy, dinner, followed, inevitably, by a box/slab/couple of slabs/all of the above, of chocolate (hereby undoing pretty much any positive effects the run may have had on the bod anyway, but still). Since moving back to Joburg, I have been invited to join in this little tradition. Last night was only the second time i joined them but it made me realise that without that little bit of exercise and silly random interaction with the important people in my life (other than my folks who i see much more regularly) I would be a lot more snappy and much less encouraged at this point down the road of unemployment. With a touch of humour (and a dash of wine) everything looks much less distressing and disgruntling. Their continued, unwavering confidence in the fact that “something absolutely perfect is waiting just around the corner” is good to hear, and if they keep on saying it I might actually even start to believe it myself…

And it’s not only the running and dinner friends that make everything that little bit better. Another of my closest friends is also currently unemployed and so we have made plans to go and see a movie tomorrow (this being her 3rd this week, and my second since Sunday, but that’s not the point). You have to know that when you can laugh with someone about working behind the movie counter serving people popcorn coz that, as a job, is starting to look promising, and that you can wear matching ster-kinekor outfits, that everything probably will be ok in the end. This is what I’m getting by on anyway so whatever you do don’t burst my bubble, k? Good!