GirlGuides – Gmail has a New Look

Early last week, Gmail began the rollout of their new-look platform, with new spacing options, new search functionality, and HD themes to be implemented.

Check out the full article with all the changes here


Standard Bank Fax Fail

It concerns me slightly that Standard Bank can be sending out faxes (yeah I know, who faxes anything anymore, right?) to the wrong fax numbers. I have an arb fax-to-email account which I opened for the one thing I’ve ever had to fax (i think to an overseas bank that needed a signature), but every now and then I get a fax come through on it. Usually I just delete immediately coz the Gmail “scanning for virus” line never goes away, and I have a little bit of common sense (most of the time). But today, it seemed the virus scan was complete, and with the attachment name ending with “_diva62.pdf” I have to admit my interest was piqued! And in spite of the nervous “If this is actually porn I could totally get fired for opening it at work” thought in the back of my mind, I bit the bullet, took the risk, walked on the wild side, and did it anyway.
Turns out, disappointingly, that it wasn’t anything as interesting or exciting as the “diva” in the file name may have suggested. It was in fact a “Granted Quotation” of some poor person’s loan application! I’ve blocked the name and a whole bunch of details out (making the most of my mad Photoshop skills).
So next time you don’t get a fax, or email that you urgently need from the bank, or even your medical aid, just think about who might now have personal and confidential details about you.
Sleep well thinking about that kids!

Diva doc? I don't think so