XtremeMac SportWrap Armband for iStuffs [GirlGuides Review]


  • Made of neoprene – durable and washable
  • Adjustable strap – will fit some big guns as well as little ones
  • Textured window covers phone face – non-stick and non-sweaty finger-printy
  • Earphone cord management clip

If you’ve been to the gym lately, and with summer coming up I’m pretty sure many of you have, you may find, as I do, that the music they pump out of their speakers is not exactly to your taste. Perhaps it’s not fast enough for the speed you run to, not loud enough to psych you up on the bike, or just absolutely not your taste. Enter the iPod or any other MP3 player out there, and you have yourself a solution.

Unfortunately my last iPod – a first generation Nano that I was given for Christmas in 2005 (yes, I know – that’s ancient) has packed up on me, as did the armband I was using it in, and my iPhone is just a pain to carry around with me in the gym. The last thing you want when you’re battling it out with the treadmill is a bulky phone, attached to your ears by earphones with a cable that is inevitably not long enough, or too long.
And this is why I love writing these reviews. I may never have found this armband, or at least not for a very long time, if one hadn’t been sent my way. The XtremeMac SportWrap armband fits all iPhones and iPod Touches. The armband is beautifully put together and it looks and feels like it’s going to be one to last. I haven’t chucked mine in the wash as yet but sometimes you really can just see the quality. The material used seems sturdy but with adequate stretch to ensure comfort, and the edges have all been overlocked (a type of sewing) which keeps anything from fraying or coming apart.
1  2
The band itself is very lightweight so if you’re worried about carrying extra weight when you’re running, I’d be much more concerned about the phone itself. There are also 2 different holes to slip the strap through, which results in the band being more flexible when it comes to fitting the bigger guns of boys versus the generally smaller guns of the girls.
3  4
The material on the back of the armband is nice and soft and there isn’t anything that catches or scratches. It also comes with a cord clip for those extra long earphone cables that need to folded up and tucked away neatly. The only thing I have found with the cord clip is that sometimes it pinches my skin if I makes the armband too tight, but otherwise it’s pretty handy. It’s also removable if you find you have no need for it, and just slides off the band. I haven’t had any problems with it slipping down or needing to be readjusted – it seems to stay put really well.
The armband is designed that you have access to all your buttons, and there is a hole for your earphones to come out at the top if you are using an iPhone, and there is also a space for them at the bottom if you have an iPod Touch.All in all I was thoroughly impressed with the SportWrap. I would definitely buy one, and I think it alsomakes a really nice gift for that someone in your life who has just taken up running or ventured near the gym for the first time in a while.

Turn Ons

  • Beautifully made
  • Nice and comfortable
  • Firm and stable
  • Cord clip organiser
  • Fits iPhone and iPod Touch
  • I even like the orange accents that are the XtremeMac logo etc

Turn Offs

  • I haven’t found anything I dislike about it

Price: R299.95

Available from KNR Flatrock

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HP Folio 13 Ultrabook – Review


  • 4GB Ram
  • 120GB HDD
  • Intel Core i5
  • Windows 7
  • Weighs about 1.5kgs
  • 9.5 hours battery life

Having heard loads about the latest, slimmest generation of laptops that have started flooding the market all over the world in the last 6 months or so, I was itching to get my hands on one of them.

You can read the full review on GirlGuides here, but as you can see, even my pooch loved it.

mouse pad? pooch pad.

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Girl Guides at Core

Last Thursday the GirlGuides team was truly spoilt by Core at the flagship Sandton iStore. On arrival at the event, we were greeted with champagne (Moet darling) and a chocolate fountain with plenty of treats to dunk in chocolate all around it.

Choccy Fountain (and @cybersass and @ThatNicole)

After a glass of champagne, (or two) everyone piled into the presentation room where there was some excitement about the fact that the Girl Guides logo was the main feature on the screen at Core (ooooh). Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of it. A lovely Nintendo goodie bag awaited us on the seats including a stunning 2012 diary (at which point Jess exclaimed, “It’s such a nice diary but the year’s almost over!” We set her straight on that one), as well as a keyring, pen, SuperMario stuff and Pokemon stickers and trading cards. A quick presentation from Taryn about how many billions of app downloads have happened, and an Angry Birds trailer, was followed by a question and answer session with a cool prize giveaway. The Question: How many news apps are available in the Apple app store? After guesses ranging from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands, Jess was awarded with two plush Angry Birds for being the nearest to correct with her answer of 15000.

@JessicaMcD and her Angry Birds...

The evening continued with pumpkin fritters dripping with chocolate, several more glasses of champers, handstands on the lawn (yes on the lush green lawns of the iStore) where there was a little over exposure and I will not be posting pics of that… There was a Dermalogica bar inside where all the ladies had their faces mapped by Dermalogica ladies and were provided with samples and then emailed the analysis straight from the iPad app they were using to fill in the info as they went along (I personally was more interested in the app they were using than I was in the face mapping process even though that was cool too).

After a couple of sociable hours catching up with the gals who I tend not to see much otherwise, listening to conversations about SkyRim, The Sims, tablets, laptops, and other review gadgets, and some top secret chatter about the future of Girl Guides, ladies started filtering out, to return home to kiddies being babysat byt reluctant dads, home to read scripts for 7am call times, home to fall into bed (me) and on the way out were the wonders that were the Core Goodie Bags! Each bag being different there was a little rifling going on (which I managed to avoid for the most part) but some of the luck girls found themselves with things like Paul Frank iPad covers, leather laptop cases (in which @Rubyletters found an iPod nano the next day), along with iPhone 4 covers, screen cleaners, iPad docks and the list goes on.

So much of spoilage from Core