It’s the end of the world as we know it

As I sit here listening to REM, this song (the title of this blog post) has new meaning. Several weeks after my second interview at the great company I was so keen to work for, having come to the conclusion that they must have found someone better suited to their spot, I got a phone call from them on  Tuesday afternoon with a month to month contract offer, “if you’re interested in something like that” she says. Well, if she had seen me jumping up and down on the couch (shhh no one tell my mom I did that to her couch) she more than likely would have realised that yes, in fact, I am somewhat interested in the offer. So now, with the contract printed and ready to be signed, and my first day at a new job looming tomorrow I realise that things are going to change. Drastically.

There will be no more waking up at the leisurely hour of 8am, or even 7am for that matter. There will be no more lounging around in bed reading books, or in front of the TV watching series. Ok so those are pretty much the only things I can come up with that I might miss. In spite of the fact that I’m going to be getting up at about 6am and leaving home by at least 7 in order to fight the traffic into an office positioned a mere 15kms from me, and that it will probably take me an hour or so to get somewhere near to home in the evenings, meaning that if I do in fact make it to the gym on my way home I’ll be out of the house for more than 12 hours a day, there are many, many, MANY positives that outweigh the negatives. On this side of the coin, there’ll be no more sitting in front of bizcommunity refreshing the job site every 3.3 minutes in the hopes that something new has come in. No more sitting around trying to entertain myself all day, with only myself for company (as I mentioned in an earlier post – i’ve had to get used to my own company and it might not be such a good thing!). No more (well at least probably a bit less of) explaining to potential freelance clients that I don’t, in fact, have any Flash experience. or much web design at all (although, I do now have a Dreamweaver certificate, meaning that I know how to use it – I fooled the instructor with my wit and charm…) as now I won’t be able to be a full time freelancer. No more making trips to Woollies foods to buy something yummy just for an excuse to get out of the house that doesn’t include gym!

Well, anyway, no more of those things for now…

Let’s just keep the fingers crossed that after the one month contract is up, something a tad more permanent gets passed my way :)



Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

It’s been a good week (can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I last sat down and spilled my guts). I’m writing this as I contemplate the traffic to get to my Tuesday night time trial run (either fighting down Jan Smuts from Dunkeld which i really don’t think is worth even trying anymore, or missioning down oxford to sandton drive and up republic – much better option i think, but i never quite get my timing right). I’m also contemplating what to put on my playlist. It’s become really important that I have, on my iPod, music whose beat I can run to and not either run out of steam half way through, or plod along to all the way and end up taking too long. The point of a time trial being to try and improve your previous time (which i managed last week by 2 and a half minutes but am not as hopeful about this week)!  So anyway, at the moment my playlist consists of a lot of paramore, some leroux, nickelback (don’t judge me, it has a good beat) and black eyed peas. Just battling to find enough songs with the same or similar bpm to match up. And the bpm rate thingy on my iTunes doesn’t seem to have any info for about 99.9% of the music in there! Did I miss something?

Anyway, had a great weekend, starting with dinner at Panarottis in northgate of all places, meeting some friends after their Top Gear experience, followed by a birthday braai on saturday afternoon. Tried to go see All About Steve with Sandra Bullock on sat night but it was sold out at Sandton – that’ll teach us not to book for movies at the weekend. So ended up just having a smoothie at mugg n bean – wasn’t great – stick to their coffee i reckon. And Sunday started with the most phenomenal breakfast at Nice on 4th (I’ve told so many people I should start charging them for advertising!) and was followed by getting scorched in the intermittent sun and spending some quality time with the greatest friend.

So after that blow by blow of my weekend, the good news yesterday was a quote request for some freelance copywriting, which forced me to finalise my logo which I’ve been tweaking and playing with and changing for the last 10 days or so. At least I achieved something productive yesterday :) Another email requesting some freelance quotes has just come in too. I’m putting it all down to, where my portfolio is being hosted and can be perused by potential clients. Again with the advertising – maybe I should go into that instead of design, or as well as considering how closely knit the two are.

so, progress at least! and enough of my rambling for today. Will update post run and dinner at some point!

till then my loyal readers (hahaha ;) )

You can’t always get what you want

So, it’s officially been just over a week since my glorified second interview at the fantastic company that i was so keen to work for and the last i heard from them was “so we’ll get back to you”. Do you think it might be safe to say that that was just a figure of speech? Oh well, what can you do? I’ve been told, by people much wiser and more experienced than myself, that things tend to happen, or not happen, for a reason, which obviously means that something even better’s going to come along. So I’m trying that theory on for size right now. I think it’s working for me!!

And so, the hunt continues. The hunt for some freelance work, a contract job or even something more permanent. Or even all of the above. I’ll take what i can get (within reason) at this stage!

And in the mean time, I tweet, blog, facebook, register on every job site i can find, reupload my cv and portfolio everywhere that’ll take it, in whatever format they require, and generally make great friends with the phenomenal creature that is the internet. If I were doing this 20 years ago I’d be driving around the countryside depositing my CV off at every recruitment agent and company i could find. Hmmm, that may not be a bad idea anyway…