Leaving on a Jetplane

Alrighty-ho! So after months of planning and waiting and pining and hand-wringing, – what am I on about, it’s only been about 6 weeks since we decided to go – I’m on my way to Colombia, South America, this fine Friday evening. So I’ll more than likely be off the interwebs a lot more that I will be on. Minimal tweeting and even more minimal FB status updating, and probably no blogging till I get back.
I fully intend to absorb as much as possible (in terms of culture etc as well as the local cuisine, and obviously tequila being of Mexican origin, and Mexico being in such close proximity, I’m more than certain there will be fair consumption of that fine stuff!



aaaah tequila…


So don’t miss me too much for the next two weeks, and watch this space after that for some photographic evidence of natural beauty and awesome shenanigans!



Get Busy Living

So after almost a year of on and off (granted more off than on) rambling, Christmas has reared it’s sometimes frustrating, sometimes exciting head and the year is drawing to a close. Work gets progressively quieter and quieter – I billed a whole hour today – and there are only two more days left which will hopefully go as quickly as the last two have. Not to wish my life away, as I’m constantly warned against. In spite of the fact that work has been quiet, there have been several other very exciting things in the pipeline, keeping me busy, and my mind off the fact that I’m still sitting in the office on the 22nd of December!
The first of these exciting things is a trip to Colombia. Yes, that would be the Colombia of South America, of cocaine aplenty and drug mules, of drug lords and drug lords of a 22 year old police chief because all the older ones have been killed off for getting involved in or standing up against the drug trade (mere speculation on my part of course) and so the list goes on. But in a more positive light, it is also the Colombia of a close family friend’s wedding, of the old cities of Cartagena and of forests, restaurants and dancing through the night, of beautiful islands and new experiences. I have been dying to travel for years and have doggedly been saving every spare cent (from the beginning of the month as there is never anything spare at the end of the month) for over a year. I’ve taken the dive of getting a credit card to help fund the experience, and I’ve been in contact with Colombian (read Spanish speaking) travel agents for almost 6 weeks now, trying to get the trip organised. Progress is finally starting to be seen, and although I have less hair (from tearing it out in frustration) I’m getting quite excited. So, fingers crossed that we get booked and sorted in the next couple of days.

So the excitement is building rapidly on this one.

The second exciting thing is still in the pipeline at this stage and so when I know more I’ll post on it, but I’m excited and that’s all you need to know for now!

Whether you’re working, lounging in the sun drinking cocktails, or snuggled up in bed reading a book today, be sure to have a good one!

Catch you soon