Blue Steel Perhaps?

Round one, ding ding ding…

… of voting for the Top 50 of over 300 entries for the Cleo Bachelor of the Year competition. Friday afternoon saw about 20 lovely ladies, and not a few men, poring over lever arch files full of young, single and “really really ridiculously gooood looking” young men, pulling blue steel poses and pulling their shirts up for the camera, some shirts off altogether, biceps flexed, smiles out in full force and eyes glittering!

Sponsored by Paco Rabanne and Suzuki Auto SA

Not to mention the fantastic company, great giggles and spectacular food and service from Koi Restaurant in Rosebank.

And a goodie bag of awesomeness was what we left with on top of everything else!

Goodie Bag of Awesomeness


It was a tough job, but someone had to do it



Get Me Outta Here

That’s about it really.

Sitting in the office. I think there are about 12 people here altogether.


What is and what should never be

so, after a hectic year, i’ve hit a slow day and have a chance to ponder. What I’m pondering today is the horror of designing a powerpoint slide. As a designer, a powerpoint slide really shouldn’t prove too challenging, however, for some reason, it can be one of the most frustrating tasks ever allocated to you, to design a powerpoint template. I haven’t quite figured out the reason for this. Perhaps it’s just that the word ‘powerpoint’ results in a wall going up around the creative in my brain. This isn’t just any wall though. it’s a 12 foot high stone wall, complete with a 20 foot wide moat around the bottom (a la 12th century british castles), and something electrified around the top (a la 21st century joburg), resulting in very little getting in or out, for some time. As far as I’m concerned, powerpoint = death to creativity. I know it’s an important tool for those people who actually have to give presentations but that’s irrelevant. If you Wiki Death by powerpoint the article begins like this:

“Death by PowerPoint” is a criticism of slide-based presentations referring to a state of boredom and fatigue induced by information overload during presentations such as those created by the Microsoft application PowerPoint.

“Powerpoint hell” is another term used in the Wiki article. Granted, this article refers to the horrors of sitting through boring presentations, but I still think the terms are pretty relevant.

Anyway, enough of my bitching about the small and inconsequential irritation of today and on to something to make you smile – gotta love Google, and motivationals :)

the wonders of 'The Google'

To Wish Impossible Things

It seems every time I start writing one of these posts I get side tracked, save it as a draft and inevitably don’t get back to it until it’s no longer relevant…

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that I started typing that intro about 3 weeks ago…

and so onto more relevant points and interesting facts that are still with the times… :)

I think that in the days after the world cup finished the whole country drew a collective breath and let out a long, slow sigh. Some of them were wistful, some of them relief, some just trying to breathe again i think! These days were filled with a post-successful World Cup rosy glow, in spite of the horrors of fresh xenophobic attacks all over the country. Something special definitely occurred during that month of unity and togetherness and it still hasn’t disappeared. I still see crs regularly, on my way to and from work, with mirror flags and waving car flags, houses that haven’t taken down their world cup decorations from their gates and a friendliness that, while inherent in Africans as a people, had been missing for a time in this place.

I’m battling to believe that it’s almost amonth on from all the excitement now – time isn’t just flying, it seems to actually be disappearing! But all in a good way – visits from my brother in the UK, trips to the beach, catching up with cousins and family friends, soon to be followed by a trip to The Ivory Tree Lodge game reserve in the Pielanesburg to make the most of a holiday trip that I won in Longevity! (So do keep entering those competitions – sometimes people actually do win them!!)

Work is great and the most exciting thing currently is the first local production of a TVC for one of our bigger clients, which is involving one of our copywriters, an art director and a creative director and which  just ‘warms the cockles of my heart’ and is basically ridiculously exciting! It just goes to show that this little company is capable of gigantic things – watch this space!

So the title of this blog post is borrowed from a song by the fab band The Cure and I reckon that it should be the theme for the week/month/year/life! Because honestly, if not… why not?!

Somewhere a clock is ticking

So for some strange reason I’m awake long before I need to be and rather than getting up and doing some yoga or something good for body and mind, I’m sitting in front of my computer writing, which i spose is at least good for the mind.

It’s pretty obvious that I haven’t managed to sit down and write regularly since I decided that that was what needed to be done so at this stage, I’m gonna take what i can get and run with it.

The title of this post seems to be a pretty strong them in my life, and I reckon everyone’s life these days. There just doesn’t ever seem to be enough time in the day. Once I’ve worked a full day, been to the gym (when I actually make it there), had a shower, eaten dinner and maybe watched something on TV I can barely keep my eyes open long enough to read a couple of pages of my book (which I wouldn’t put down if I didn’t actually fall asleep mid sentence – the second of the Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson called The Girl who Played with Fire – very very good book). Even at work I don’t seem to have enough time to do the things I need to do, and I’m currently without a car (has been back for repairs 5 times in the last two months and has now been in for about ten days – was meant to be back last Thursday and have since been given the perpetual promise of “oh it should be ready tomorrow ma’am” – gotta love it). Anyway, this means I’m sharing a car and therefore don’t manage to get into the office early to start getting on with everything that needs to be done, and also means I can’t stay late as I have to go and pick up my mom on my way home (it’s her car I’m making use of).

I guess this is where the old idea of ‘making time’ for things that are important comes in. But how does one make time? It seems like a near impossible feat of magic or magnificence if you ask me! I think that will be my task this week. To see if I am able to make time in my day for everything that needs to, and should be, done.

So, it would seem that this post is clearly all about time, which was not initially my intention, but it works. I was going to talk about cool adverts but now that I actually should be awake, I guess I’ll have to leave that for next time. In the mean time I’ll leave you with a link or two – go check them out – they’re great! :)

Old Spice ad – The man your man could smell like

Adidas – impossible is nothing

Also, if you’re feeling giving, or even just interested, go check out a superbly creative child welfare fund raising initiative – fantastic.

Till next time my loyal readers ;)


It’s the end of the world as we know it

As I sit here listening to REM, this song (the title of this blog post) has new meaning. Several weeks after my second interview at the great company I was so keen to work for, having come to the conclusion that they must have found someone better suited to their spot, I got a phone call from them on  Tuesday afternoon with a month to month contract offer, “if you’re interested in something like that” she says. Well, if she had seen me jumping up and down on the couch (shhh no one tell my mom I did that to her couch) she more than likely would have realised that yes, in fact, I am somewhat interested in the offer. So now, with the contract printed and ready to be signed, and my first day at a new job looming tomorrow I realise that things are going to change. Drastically.

There will be no more waking up at the leisurely hour of 8am, or even 7am for that matter. There will be no more lounging around in bed reading books, or in front of the TV watching series. Ok so those are pretty much the only things I can come up with that I might miss. In spite of the fact that I’m going to be getting up at about 6am and leaving home by at least 7 in order to fight the traffic into an office positioned a mere 15kms from me, and that it will probably take me an hour or so to get somewhere near to home in the evenings, meaning that if I do in fact make it to the gym on my way home I’ll be out of the house for more than 12 hours a day, there are many, many, MANY positives that outweigh the negatives. On this side of the coin, there’ll be no more sitting in front of bizcommunity refreshing the job site every 3.3 minutes in the hopes that something new has come in. No more sitting around trying to entertain myself all day, with only myself for company (as I mentioned in an earlier post – i’ve had to get used to my own company and it might not be such a good thing!). No more (well at least probably a bit less of) explaining to potential freelance clients that I don’t, in fact, have any Flash experience. or much web design at all (although, I do now have a Dreamweaver certificate, meaning that I know how to use it – I fooled the instructor with my wit and charm…) as now I won’t be able to be a full time freelancer. No more making trips to Woollies foods to buy something yummy just for an excuse to get out of the house that doesn’t include gym!

Well, anyway, no more of those things for now…

Let’s just keep the fingers crossed that after the one month contract is up, something a tad more permanent gets passed my way :)