The Latest Social Media Revolution Video

By Erik Qualman – author of Socialnomics

“Each day, 20% of Google searches have never been searched before.” That is quite something.

1 in 5 divorces are blamed on Facebook as well.

Keeps you thinking!


BUYRAL – helping videos go ‘viraler and viraler’

Professional clicks that guarantee you virality, awards and fame – what are you waiting for?

I especially like the CL-app :)

Thanks Ray

2 mins and 30 seconds of pure amazing

Vytautas Mineral Water! It’s Earth’s Juice!

I’ve just seen this for the first time (on FB of all places) but with over 2 million views I’m sure I’m a little la

te on it. It distinctly reminds me of a series of ads for a gym supplement that mentions the flavour “RAWberry”. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the ‘product’ though. It’ll come to me and I’ll update.

My favourite part of this, apart from the very end, is the line: “Is that a colossal space bear squeezing earth’s juice?”

There’s also a little snippet of dubstep at one point.

Just do it!



Thanks to JP for the reminder – PowerThirst is what I was trying to think of earlier. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

Lucy Spraggan X-Factor UK Audition

I want this song!

With over 8 million views on YouTube since the 25th of August, it’s clear to see that people like her.

Thanks Gabi


Here’s the official music video as well

Thanks Dale

Smoke & Jackal

Jared Followill has teamed up with Nick Brown – lead singer of Mona to create a 6-track EP to be released on the 16th of October.

Here is the first track – No Tell

“Coming together just worked,” says Jared. “I think it’s because we took such an easy approach to it, we didn’t bring any egos to it. We just talked about each other’s ideas, neither one of us got our feelings hurt. It justĀ worked.”

Here’s the track listing on the EP
1. Fall Around
2. No Tell
3. You’re Lost
4. Road Side
5. OK OK
6. Save Face

I quite like it. What do you think?

80s Video Dating Montage


“Are you the goddess? Who is the goddess? The goddess is the woman, is a woman, is any woman, is all women…”

“Are you that woman? Please give me a call.”

Thanks Gabi :)

Lizzy Land loops Awolnation’s Sail

Wow – what a cover from Lizzy Land of an already amazing song.

Here’s Awolnation and their original

Here are a couple more covers she’s put up on her YouTube channel:

Adele – Someone Like You (I love this one)

Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks

Thanks Woz.