TomTom makes babies laugh, with Darth Vader


Microsoft XBox 360 Star Wars Kinect Giveaway

Disclaimer – they’re a client

But, Escape to Mars is quite an awesome campaign. If you haven’t heard anything about it, you check it out here. The idea being that the world is ending and we need a way to get to Mars. All you have to do is upload an object (it can be absolutely anything, from a phone, to your dog, to a car) to the tower in order to help build it. The bigger the item, the more distance in space you can cover.

When the tower reaches the half way point to Mars, Microsoft is giving away an Xbox 360 Star Wars Kinect to the person who hits that point. More to the point, if the tower actually reaches Mars, there are amazeballs prizes like a Nokia Lumia 900 and an Ultrabook!

All you have to do to get involved is go to the Escape To Mars website and register, click on The Tower, add your object and hey presto there it is. You can add as many objects as you want to build the tower further and you also stand a chance to win more prizes. There are also some awesome spot prizes like Microsoft Arc keyboards and mouses (mice?) as well as Microsoft LifeCam Studio webcams which are high def and apparently pretty cool.


Also, the whole website is built in HTML5 which is pretty awesome too.

It’s so simple, what have you got to lose?

Tic Tac France – Worst Breath in the World

I came across this little gem this morning.

By Ogilvy & Mather Paris. – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Could this be the new Old Spice Guy?

Dos Equis – Stay Thirsty My Friends

Below is a collection of some great ads from a really great beer advertising campaign for Dos Equis – “The Most Interesting Man in the World”

via 60 Second Marketer

Rethink Breast Cancer

I may be little slow on the uptake with this one but I couldn’t resist – it’s the Your Man Reminder app for your smartphone that reminds you to check your breasts – as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month (although it’s nearly over) now is the perfect time to download this app and set it to remind you with a hottie of your choice.

Watch the video here:

Get it now

Test the waters, evolve and adapt

Brian Solis speaks to Marcel Lebrun of Salesforce Radian 6 on the future of social media monitoring in an episode of his Revolution series, the rest of which you can find here or here: